Positive Affirmations for Natural Birth & Tips

No matter what kind of birth you’re planning – positive birth affirmations are a must!

Here are some tips when choosing your positive birth affirmations…

  1. Keep statements short and simple. These are the most memorable and easy for you to lean into and repeat as you progress through the stages and things become intense
  2. Dig deep and really reflect on your desires for your birth, use this as inspiration for choosing what statements will motivate you the most
  3. Understand your weaknesses & the areas you will really need comfort. Many times, women struggle with fear of the future when actually in labor… even if they were totally dead set on natural birth! This may look like “this is so difficult right now- I don’t think I can do this for longer” For me, I had the irrational thought I’d need a C-section, despite progressing well and knowing my body was actively pushing my baby out! (Hello final stages of labor). Know yourself and your fears so you can let them go and surrender to the present. Root yourself in reality of what is happening in the current moments by centering your affirmations around conquering those fears!
  4. Start early! Start to absorb and save this sort of content early on in your pregnancy, have a collection of affirmations, quotes, statements to reflect on as you mentally prepare for birth. As you get closer to the end, print out your collection to decorate your birth space. *There is a free PDF download of some aesthetic positive birth affirmations at the bottom of the page!

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