5 Reasons to Hire a Birth Doula

With our first baby, when my husband and I were discussing hiring a birth doula for our planned natural/unmedicated birth center experience he was… on the fence. Especially considering the cost and not knowing fully what a birth doula could offer. I can confidently say after the birth/postpartum period we both agreed we would never walk into a birth experience WITHOUT having a doula.

A GOOD and experienced doula is worth her weight in gold. And while I believe women are built to birth their babies and birth is a very natural, physiological process – having that doula support could mean the difference between you achieving your desires and birth plan versus not. Especially if you are planning to birth in a system that is working against you. Although I can think of many more, here are 5 reasons to hire a birth doula to get you thinking!

Gentle Guidance in Birth Planning

Creating a solid birth plan, assembling a care team, and remembering to include all of the details can be… A LOT. There are so many options when it comes to birth. A doula can serve as the most amazing guide through this process, helping you work through even the smallest of details to plan each and every desire of your heart for your births. 

Connections with the Local Birth Community

Most birth communities are very tight knit. It is so helpful having someone with details on who to go to for any problem that may arise, or just for extra support in general. 

In my personal experience, a family doctor or pediatrician was just not enough. We had very specific issues with breastfeeding, oral ties, food allergies through breastmilk, tightness & muscular imbalances from the birth, “colic”, pelvic floor problems, etc. For this our doula pointed us in the right direction for very specific and highly specialized support. She connected us with an IBCLC (lactation consultant) who worked specifically with oral ties, a pediatric dentist and occupational therapist who could also help in that area, a pelvic floor specialist for my postpartum recovery, I could go on. My doula had us covered with so many options and a village of experts to help with every problem that arose. 

They are on Your Side!

It is so crucial to have someone who knows birth and knows you, your wishes, your plans, and your values who is totally and completely on your side during the most vulnerable time in your life. Even more so if you are birthing in a hospital system. 

If things are not going as planned, many doulas are comfortable advocating for you and guiding you through the desicion making process. Providing education and resources, options, and helping you through every twist and turn along the way.

Support for Your Partner

A common worry of mothers, one that I myself was concerned about, was that a doula would take the place of the father. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. A good doula will not take your partners place, rather, they will serve BOTH of you.

A doula is a support system for you, your baby, and your partner too. Providing guidance on ways he could be more involved and help you through each stage of labor.

By the end of my labor, both my husband and doula were totally exhausted. It was all hands on deck! And my doula was the most amazing support for both of us. 


Doulas have so many tools in their box for helping you through labor. Counter pressure, massage, spinning babies exercises, stretches, positions, actual tools and birthing materials, TENs units are just a few of the many examples. 

I’d consider myself someone with an extremely LOW pain tolerance. I can’t even handle a little bit of discomfort. But labor was just different. Having mentally prepared myself for the physiological and natural process, and by having a skillful doula there who could provide awesome hands-on techniques and comfort measures, I set myself up for success to achieve a beautiful unmedicated birth! 

Pregnancy & birth is one of the most sacred experiences of a woman’s lifetime. Taking careful consideration when designing your birth team, including who will be present is so important and the first step to setting yourself up to achieve your desires for birth. 

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