Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering is BEST – here’s why

On the fence about cloth diapering? I promise… it’s not as intimidating as it may seem. Here are just a few reasons why cloth diapering is amazing.


Cost Effective

It’s no secret that switching to cloth diapering can save you money. However, this is not always the case – depending on the diaper system you choose. Many can become swept away in the “prestigious” cloth diapering culture which usually involves spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on copious amounts of pocket diapers with rare/fun patterns and prints. While this may be appealing to some, it is not necessary and definitely not the route to take when switching to cloth diapers to save money. 

Cloth diapering can be incredibly cost effective when you keep your stash small and simple. The best way to go about low-cost cloth diapering is having a stash of “flat” cloth diapers and reusable covers. This is the old school way of diapering babies that is tried and true. Flats are exactly what they sound like, a flat piece of fabric (preferably cotton) that is folded in various ways and pinned on baby. Uncomfortable with the idea of using pins? Not to worry! There are things called “snappis” and “boingos” that are easy ways to secure folded cloth diapers on your baby. You can purchase cotton flats from various cloth diaper websites for around $1-$3 per reusable diaper, or you can repurpose things you already have to use as flat cloth diapers. A popular and easy option – using old cotton receiving blankets. These flat diapers act as the absorbent inner layer of the diaper. When taking baby out and about you will need some reusable waterproof covers to hold the moisture in. These come in various sizes and patterns. You can purchase these on Amazon for around $3-$10 each, depending on what you choose. Ultimately, you can get a full stash of cloth diapers together for less than $50 if you wanted to. If you want to invest in some nicer items that will last through many kids some other options are a mix of flats, prefolds, and fitteds with both waterproof and wool covers. A stash like that could be around $200-$400. 

Regardless of the specific system you choose, everything mentioned above is a fraction of what it would cost you to use disposable diapers on even just one baby. It has been estimated that you can save between $2,000-$3,500 per child that you cloth diaper. The amount will depend on what kind of diapers you buy of course. 

Pictured: A recieving blanket repurposed as a flat cloth diaper, origami folded with a snapii used to secure


The beauty of cloth diapering is that there are endless possibilities for folding, layering, and mixing/matching to suit your baby best. Various folds for flat diapers are better suited for boys vs girls, heavy front wetters vs poos up the back, daytime vs nighttime… whatever it is, there is a way!

Natural / Toxin Free

Have you ever read the ingredients of disposable diapers? What are disposable diapers even made out of? With cloth diapers, there’s no guess work. You know your diapers are made out of 100% organic cotton… (or whatever other fabric you choose). 

No More Rashes!

Babies skin is very sensitive. Cloth diapering is a gentle and chemical free way to prevent and get rid of uncomfortable and painful diaper rash. Like previously mentioned, disposable diapers are filled with unnatural/manmade chemicals and materials. It often takes parents several weeks, even months, trying various brands of diapers to find one that their baby doesn’t react poorly to. Take the trial and error and money wasted out of the equation and simply start with 100% cotton cloth diapers. 


Let’s not forget the empty toilet paper shelves in 2020 and the empty formula shelves in 2022. People have been left helpless, without general necessities for them and their children time and time again. If we can learn anything from these debacles it’s that there are no guarantees in this world, and you should not rely on outside sources for your needs. It is nice to know that when “it” hits the fan, for whatever reason, you and your family are prepared and have the skills to diaper your babies and toddlers. 

Eco-Friendly & Waste free 

We can all agree that the people on this Earth produce a significant amount of waste/trash. Imagine how many times you change a diaper in the day… now imagine how many diapers changed over the course of your child’s life. Now if you have multiple children… You get the point. The trash adds up like crazy. 

Cloth diapering is actually a really simple way to reduce your family’s waste and do your part to heal our planet. 


Cloth diapering is a whole community – Yes, mothers everywhere bond over baby diapers. Oddly enough, troubleshooting laundry wash routines, discussing new folds and solutions for nighttime heavy wetters, and excitement over new prints and patterns is something that mothers everywhere bond over. While this is likely not a reason to switch to cloth diapers, it is a nice perk for those who switch for other reasons (cost, efficiency, reduced waste, etc.). 

So, what are your waiting for?

Pictured: A stack of folded flat cloth diapers to the left and a stack of prefold cloth diapers to the right
There it is! 7 reasons why cloth diapering is the absolute best. Not convinced yet? Have more questions on the logistics of cloth diapering? More cloth diaper content will be coming soon 😉 

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