How to Protect Your Energy in Pregnancy

Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, or deep in the ups and downs of motherhood – your ENERGY is a vital commodity that needs to be protected!

Start viewing your mental, physical, and emotional energy as valuable, and learn how to become more intentional with the way you spend your time.

As the weeks progress in your pregnancy, you will slowly realize that your capacity for all the things you did before you were pregnant dwindle. Energy resources are allocated to the beautiful miracle being carefully knitted together in your womb.

Mamas become so in tune and sensitive to everything going on around them. This is a time of preparation and focus. Read on for some ways to cultivate this sacred mental, emotional, and physical space. 

Say No to Energy "Drainers"

People Who Drain Your Energy

We all know those people that just totally and completely deplete you. When you’re around them they take everything they can out of you and leave you exhausted, mentally, emotionally, even physically. 

This may look like a “friend” who is always tied up in some elaborate drama and relies on you to help them emotionally regulate. This may look like family who is constantly questioning you and your choices, wanting explanations for all the things you do. When you are around them you feel more like you’re on the “defense” than anything. Anxiety and stress sets in, and you leave their presence feeling overwhelmed and uneasy. Toxic people, no matter how much they claim to “love” you or be “there” for you will always TAKE and rarely give anything in return. 

Now is not the time to be allowing this to enter your heart. Protect yourself and your baby by slowly drifting away and finding some distance. You do not need to have some large confrontation with these people. Honestly, I find that just quietly and intentionally fading away from contact is best to avoid burned bridges and more drama. 

This can be implemented by decreasing contact, prioritizing other things rather than being around them, or just not giving in to the emotional manipulation when you are forced to see them. In the final weeks of pregnancy especially, a simple “I’m going to be MIA for awhile to rest and prepare for baby” can do. 

When all else fails, you may need to turn your phone on do not disturb, or have your partner be the one to communicate with these energy drainers. 

Tasks That Drain Your Energy

Everyone has those specific tasks that they just absolutely hate doing. Often times though these things need to be done. For example, grocery shopping. This is a household task that has to happen but it can be exhausting, especially when you are carting around little ones in the process. 

Some solutions to this is…

  1. Be insanely intentional with planning. ~ Plan ahead to get all of these tasks done in one swoop. For example, meal planning so you only need to shop once a week instead of going to the store multiple times. Make a list and think intentionally on how you can solve this specific issue for yourself. 
  2. Delegate tasks to others if possible. ~ Have your partner step in and take over bathroom cleaning or vaccuming/sweeping the floors. If you have good family support that is local to you, it may be nice to have a aunt or grandmother give a hand around the house on a regular basis. 
  3. Utilize free services that make your life easier. ~ Using the curbside grocery pickup service is a total essential during the pregnancy and postpartum time. Most large stores offer this service for free. You could even sign up for a grocery delivery services (not always free) to take some of the load off. 
  4. Try to reframe your mindset while doing the task to make it more tolerable/exciting. For example, playing music and drinking iced coffee or tea while getting the laundry done. Doing chores with the windows open so you can hear the birds singing outdoors. Inviting a friend over to chat while you get stuff done together. 

Mama, you are NOT selfish for prioritizing your & baby’s health during this vulnerable time! Get strict, and just say no! When there is a will, there is a way. And when it feels like there isn’t one, reframe your mindset about the situation to hopefully feel more positive about it. Change what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

Filtering Input

True Crime, social media/celebrity dramas, family/friend drama, horror movies/shows… all of these things elicit a stress response in your brain and body. 

Although consuming this stuff may be entertaining and exciting for some people, this is that last thing you need when you are trying to protect your inner peace. 

If you find yourself thinking back about graphic scenes or events that have happened in one of these forms of “entertainment” that you have consumed, like it is stuck in your mind… Consider cutting this stuff out and replace it with something more valuable to you. Spending time outside, reading a good book, organizing the baby space, collecting positive affirmations and quotes for the birth, etc. 

Get Help

If you have good solid social support, reaching out for help can be a game changer. Having someone come by to watch the older kids, even for a few hours so you can rest or get out of the house can be the reset you need to fill your cup. 

Having a supportive spouse is also so important. When your spouse is home, they can jump into parenting too and give you some space to do what you need to in order to recharge. 

Reaching outside the home to hired help is another option. Even on a budget. For example, many insurances may cover a postpartum doula for you as long as you have a letter of medical necessity written by your care provider. Local teens are often looking to make money, babysitting, dogsitting, housesitting, etc. If you find a local teenager who is responsible and trustworthy, they can serve as a person to reach out to and take some basic tasks off your plate. 

When all else fails, there are community pages and mothers programs put on by local churches that can provide childcare. Searching for “mothers day out” or moms groups can give you an outlet that is usually free. 

While the support for mothers in our society is pathetic to say the least, there are some things that can be done to help you protect your energy in pregnancy. Saying no, cutting out toxic people, sourcing out for tasks that totally drain you, reaching out to family, friends, your spouse, your community, and free services for help, and filtering the input you allow to enter your mind are all things that can create space for more peace and more rest as you grow as a mama. 

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